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The scanner block will report the position of the closest item it has detected (player, mobile chunk or mob). By interacting with it you can select what its scanning for, here you can see it detecting the player and reporting their (relative to the scanner) location. Note its outputting a vector, many of the logic blocks work on vector data (which can make builds much smaller) but there are blocks available to split a vector out into 3 signals.

Scanner block.png

Scan modes[]

The scanner can be interacted with to set what it scans for (multiple can be selected)

Mode Targets
Player The player themselves (does not include the players stuff)
NPCs Non player characters (but not their stuff)
Machines Anything made out of blocks (that isn't the main world)
Alignment Targets
Hostile Things that are hostile to the owner of the scanner
Neutral Things that are neutral to the owner of the scanner
Friendly Things that are allied with the owner of the scanner
Mine Things owned by the owner of the scanner (e.g. the player's machines)

Scan modes override[]

This is a Future feature.

Its possible to override the normal scanner behaviour by passing a signal to it. Similar to other blocks that have behaviour overrides these should be passed as all capitals comma seperated and ending with a colon. For example: