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The command chair is a super charged switch, it has (initially) 4 outputs on its North, East, South and West sides. You sit in it by (you guessed it) interacting with it. Once you do, your W, S, A and D keys are mapped to those 4 outputs, which means you can create ships out of blocks then have a really natural interface for piloting them.

2 minute build.png

The command chair has 2 skins, "command chair" and wooden chair. Both behave identically

Command chair skins.png

Edit Command Chair Options[edit | edit source]

Once you have sat in a chair to can change its options using the manage key

Command Chair Ui.PNG

Remote Controls Setup[edit | edit source]

Command Chair Ui remote control.png

Several command chairs can be bound together so that sitting in one outputs to wires connected to another. This can be useful where you want a "clean minimalist bridge" on a ship without a bunch of wires.

If you take a frequency token from the "out" section, put it in your inventory then put it in the "in" section of another chair the two will be bound together, using that radio frequency to communicate.

Output Setup[edit | edit source]

Command Chair Ui output control.png

What keys bind to which what output wires can be controlled in this section. Pressing that key on the keyboard outputs to that direction. Note that e and p cannot be used here as they control getting into and out of the chair and opening and closing the management screen.

On the right hand side there are icons showing the chair and extender blocks. If you have placed extender blocks under the chair you can output more than 4 signals and the additional signals will be outputted from those blocks beneath the chair.

Advanced Output[edit | edit source]

In additional to simply typing one key you can enter the following

Input type Example Description
Simple one letter input w If the entered key is pressed that output is powered
Addition and subtraction using keyboard keys w+s That direction recieves the maths result of that simple equation. So in the example if just W was pressed 1 would be output or if both W and S was pressed 2 would be outputted
Array output w,s,a,d An array is output of which of those keys is being pressed. E.g. if W was being pressed 1,0,0,0 would be output. This is useful in more advanced machines, especially those involving script blocks. If the player isn't sitting in the chair (or a linked chair) then false will be output instead.

Additionally a value can be set to be output when the player is not in the chair, this is placed in square brackets; e.g. x[15]. This will output if the key x is pressed or not if the player is sitting in the chair, or 15 is the chair is unoccupied.

Appearance Setup[edit | edit source]

Command Chair Ui style control.png

The chair can be made to appear in several different styles. Additionally when the player sits in it a message can be displayed to explain what the chair "does". E.g. "To control the ship press W,S,A,D".