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When placed this produces 2 blocks, one attached to the place that was clicked and one that can rotate relative to it. Apply power to it and it will rotate (apply a negative signal and it will rotate the other way)


The axle has a number of modes, which can be changed by interacting with it

Mode Behaviour
Force When the joint receives a signal it will rotate, either clockwise or anticlockwise for a positive or negative signal
Move to Position When the joint receives a signal it will treat it as an angle in degrees and move to that angle. E.g. if it receives the number 45 it will move so the top block is at a 45 degree angle to the bottom block
Rotate at speed When the joint receives a signal it will treat it as an request to move at that velocity (measured in half rotations per second)

Mode override[]

The mode that the Axle ( Force or Move to Position) is set to can be overridden by prefixing the input with the required behaviour, so FORCE:1 or POSITION:90

Signal routing mode[]

Signal routing mode allows for signals to travel across the axle, entering from one side of the axle and exiting the other. By shift + interacting on a side you can change its mode. Signals entering a port of a particular colour will exit the other side of the axle from ports of the same colour.